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  • July 23 , 2010 iAccreditation Demo - KSA
    iAccreditation will be doing it is first Demo in KSA
  • August 23 , 2010 iAccreditation Demo - Euorpe
    iAccreditation will be doing it is first Demo in Euorpe
  • September 19 , 2010 iAccreditation Training - USA
    iAccreditation will be doing it is Training in USA
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iAccreditation provides a complete accreditation management system for international and programmatic accreditation agencies. iAccreditation is a user-friendly web-based solution that connects accreditation agencies with universities for the purpose of communication, provisional accreditation process, full accreditation process and collecting assessment results from different universities stakeholders.

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Industry Benefits from using iAccreditation

Many recruiters are now asking graduates for their students credentials reports. iAccreditation MRP system generates a full student credential report that shows the students skills from the time he was admitted to the program to the time he graduated. Such reports help the industry in many different ways:

  • Higher Performance To knowing your future employees you need to see their credential reports.
    Better employee lead to better outcomes which will lead to higher revenue.

  • Recruiters with the student permission, recruiters could have a direct access to the student credential report through iAccreditation MRP system.



  • Internship opportunities Good Student credentials will easily receive industrial internships through linking universities with the industry using iAccreditation MEE system.


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